Release v1.8

This release makes it easy to start tracking your home inventory by walking you through the process of setting up your home and providing templates for common items.

When creating a new home, you are now given the opportunity to setup your locations (rooms, buildings, other spaces) by selecting from a commonly used set including Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, etc.

Then, for each location a list of items commonly found there are shown and can easily be added by tapping the plus (+) button. Additional items can be added just by entering a name.

Setup Locations Setup Bedroom Setup Garage

If you’d like to initiate this setup flow for an existing home, it can be done from the Edit Home screen by tapping Restart Initial Setup.

Finally, when creating a new item you will be asked to first enter a descriptive name. This will trigger a search through a list of common item templates. You can either tap to start with a template or create a a new item from scratch.

Restart Initial Setup Create Item Create Item Details